MiniMonday: Introduction

So I’m definitely not a minimalist.

At all.

My room looks kind of like this:


This is not my actual room, but it captures the essence of it. I have too much stuff and too little organization. The combination = DISASTER. To be honest, I hate having so much stuff. Most of it never gets used, but I cling to it anyway. Despite several clutter purges over the last several years, I still feel like I’m drowning in my own belongings.

This series is, in part, to inspire me to get off my butt about getting rid of stuff. The rest is for you, my readers! You get to see me work through the process of becoming unattached to stuff. Let this be a demonstration for you, in real time, of what it’s actually like to pare down your belongings bit by bit. My pitfalls will be on display so that you may sidestep them in your own journey.

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